Blog Changes and A Hint of Things to Come

Hi Reader! Just a quick post this time, since it is late and I have noticed that I get more traction if I publish posts in normal people’s waking hours. I am back from New Brunswick, and have updated the posts I did from the road, in case you wanted to go back and check out the links. I put some time into finding good sources, so the links are usually worth checking out.

You notice, I changed the look of the blog and some of the features – you can hit the bar on the left to search and view tags and follow on email, and the blogs I follow, archives, and such are on the right (as you can see.)¬†I am still experimenting with the design, so if you have comments, lemmeknowinthecomments. Also, notes on the style of writing, the tone, what posts you like and don’t like, general positivity – it’s all helpful, so let me know!

I have started drafting a couple new posts about 1) making my own major, 2) the in media res aspect of starting a blog, 3) Learning to listen, 4) More stuff about overcoming akrasia with habits and developing mental fortitude, and 5) lots more about the many many many online tools and resources for learning.

I can’t write quickly enough to do them all at once or in magnificent depth, but if you let me know what you want to read about, I can write that.