Learning Resources

Knowing the right place to look is often 9/10 of the way to learn something. Here are some of my favorite places for learning new things. All these are free, unless otherwise marked.

[this is a list-in-progress, so send me your favorites!]

Khan Academy – Video lessons in many subjects; the math is really good. I’ve been doing the economics track and it’s pretty great!

DuoLingo – Language learning made easy and cool. I’m on the German track and use it to review Spanish too. Especially cool – when you are at a high enough level, you can translate real internet pages, contributing to efforts to translate the whole internet and make it accessible to everyone. Go Duolingo!

Quora – Vibrant Q&A community. This is like Yahoo Answers except run by Mensa. I mostly just browse the discussions – lots of the questions are thought-provoking, and there are some real experts answering them.

Stack Exchange – Stack Overflow is the premier forum for asking and answering programming questions, and the network of forums is well moderated and has heavy participation. Lots of subjects covered, and if you are stumped and not in a rush, the community will get to your question.

TED and Wikipedia and Google – Knowledge of these is pretty common currency for the internet literate, but if you haven’t spent some time on Wikipedia and TED, you are in for a ride. How you got here without Google, I don’t know. Taking the time to learn how to phrase your google queries so that you get high-quality results is well worth it. Wanna find out how? Try Googling it.

There are lots of MOOCs and other resources too, and I will probably add them as I bring them up on the blog. Send in what you use, and I’ll check it out and add it!



One thought on “Learning Resources

  1. Jane says:

    I’m liking these free learning resources! I look forward to checking out Kahn academy to see if I might improve my basic, (otherwise horrendous) math skills. Hope you have a great time with ice hockey in Canada!

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