Blog Changes and A Hint of Things to Come

Hi Reader! Just a quick post this time, since it is late and I have noticed that I get more traction if I publish posts in normal people’s waking hours. I am back from New Brunswick, and have updated the posts I did from the road, in case you wanted to go back and check out the links. I put some time into finding good sources, so the links are usually worth checking out.

You notice, I changed the look of the blog and some of the features – you can hit the bar on the left to search and view tags and follow on email, and the blogs I follow, archives, and such are on the right (as you can see.) I am still experimenting with the design, so if you have comments, lemmeknowinthecomments. Also, notes on the style of writing, the tone, what posts you like and don’t like, general positivity – it’s all helpful, so let me know!

I have started drafting a couple new posts about 1) making my own major, 2) the in media res aspect of starting a blog, 3) Learning to listen, 4) More stuff about overcoming akrasia with habits and developing mental fortitude, and 5) lots more about the many many many online tools and resources for learning.

I can’t write quickly enough to do them all at once or in magnificent depth, but if you let me know what you want to read about, I can write that.


In media res

“You know what else you forgot?!”  The soles of her boots slammed into his chest and arm. He fell, hard. She somersaulted into a ready stance, palms up and eyes alert, just as Master Splinter had taught her all those years ago. She saw the damage her dropkick had done, and dropped her hands.

 “Your face.” 

L brushed the stray hair from her ponytail, turning her back on her fallen former friend and lover. Never again would she let a man get so close. Never again would she share her secrets.

Everyone is coming to this blog from a unique starting point. All blogs are like that – you usually come in backwards, start at the end and scroll down towards the beginning. Most of the time, you get a small amount of context and head back out the way you came. In that way, reading a blog is very much in the middle of the thing. 

More than you, though, there’s me; I am hardly at the start of my learning. At 22, I am many years, many schools, many teachers and textbooks in. Even if I write lots of posts, and even if you read alllll of them and even if you know me outside of the internet, I won’t be able to provide all of the context I have for any of my thoughts, and I will even less be able to write with knowledge of where you are coming from as a reader, what experience you have and what will make sense to you.

I’ll take a page from the writers of action stories and use it as an advantage, dropping hints at the origins of my perspective, and hopefully by the end spelling out the whole story and tying up loose ends. I haven’t storyboarded the whole blog, so who knows if the loose ends will ever get tied. I’ll also try to make the drop-in to the blog soft and easy, accessible: if you stumble in out of the cold, it shouldn’t be too confusing and tied to all sorts of esoteric knowledge you can’t find. I’ll link and tag things so it’s navigable too.

I think three new posts (real ones) are coming this week, so keep your eyes open!

Learning To Blog

This semester, I am taking a course on blogging (here it is in the course catalog). The reading had analysis of blog history and culture, and went on to list a number of the benefits of blogging practices for bloggers and the community. Critical thinking, writing skills, the ability to push through and post even when you don’t feel like you have anything to say – these are all skills that I want to work on. Self-awareness,  community, knowledge of and insight into culture and world events – all positive, worthwhile aims, and a big promise.

In this blog, I will be writing about learning: my learning experience, the learning that my friends are doing, the learning environment here in College Park, the social and cultural institutions and practices of learning. I hope that by maintaining the blog and posting a few times a week, all of my learning will benefit from some reflection. I hope that some of the things I write will be valuable to you, too – either insightful or relatable or interesting. I am planning a series of posts on different learning resources, my experience with them, and ways to tailor your approach to learning to maximize what you get out of it.

Learning is how we become who we are. As much as we can influence the content and process of our learning, we can decide who we will become. I am excited to share what I learn with you here! Check back for updates, and pester me on facebook or on email if I go three days without posting – it is probably laziness, and I need help learning to overcome it!