(as Bartley)

For Blog Class, we are concluding the semester with some blog imitation. I have been a fan of Sail, Not Drift, so this is my attempt at a post in the voice of Bartley. I’ll have a semester reflection in my own voice soon, and maybe other posts too, depending on how things go.


These are the modern sacrifices

to the gods of Anxiety,

to Exam Week Stress and

the Creeping Thoughts I Push Away About

the Future.


I sit alone and mildly

sweaty on my comforter because

no one has turned the AC on

yet.  I should be studying but I know

that if I close this tab I’ll  switch

back to Netflix and I feel

bad enough already about

the way I spend my time.


These sacrifices are not violent or

blessedly short. More like letting blood than

an execution, only the leeches are invisible

and internal and there is no doctor

or priest

who can take them off.


I should sleep before 3 am and I know I

will toss and turn and feel sick because

I still have three unwritten pages for

tomorrow, but I still cannot get out of bed and

walk to my table and eat some cereal and

type the words.


There are no crowds screaming for my

head, only a deadline and I will

stay up all night and

turn in something


than I would if I  had started

last week and not sacrificed so much

to these modern gods.



Good luck with the end of the semester,



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