Learning To Blog

This semester, I am taking a course on blogging (here it is in the course catalog). The reading had analysis of blog history and culture, and went on to list a number of the benefits of blogging practices for bloggers and the community. Critical thinking, writing skills, the ability to push through and post even when you don’t feel like you have anything to say – these are all skills that I want to work on. Self-awareness,  community, knowledge of and insight into culture and world events – all positive, worthwhile aims, and a big promise.

In this blog, I will be writing about learning: my learning experience, the learning that my friends are doing, the learning environment here in College Park, the social and cultural institutions and practices of learning. I hope that by maintaining the blog and posting a few times a week, all of my learning will benefit from some reflection. I hope that some of the things I write will be valuable to you, too – either insightful or relatable or interesting. I am planning a series of posts on different learning resources, my experience with them, and ways to tailor your approach to learning to maximize what you get out of it.

Learning is how we become who we are. As much as we can influence the content and process of our learning, we can decide who we will become. I am excited to share what I learn with you here! Check back for updates, and pester me on facebook or on email if I go three days without posting – it is probably laziness, and I need help learning to overcome it!


Join in!

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